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Sharyn Jordan Hathcock

What defines a life is the love one is able to give and the wisdom one receives. Our lives are in an ever-evolving state of transformation and how we process these changes determines the quality of our life experiences.

As a youngster, Sharyn saw the remarkable connection between person and place. Her family consisted of successful business people, community leaders, artists and home designers/builders. These combined influences imbued Sharyn with a deep commitment for giving of one's self to the greater good, creating elegant spaces with a natural desire to live in beauty/grace, and to enjoy the art of business. Having created and sold several businesses including Rosebud Preschool, Maid For You, Lakeside Entertainment and 7 Streams of Energy Healing Center-the latter two enterprises were in partnership with her wonderful husband Jay, Sharyn knows the importance of giving back.

Since 1995, Sharyn has successfully owned and operated Feng Shui Simplified Consulting Firm. This company's focus in to re*connect/re*new and enhance her clients heart & hearth to harmonious abundance.

From 1967-1969, Sharyn attended Texas Tech University as a business major. In 1998, Sharyn graduated from the Western School of Feng Shui in Solana Beach, CA. She holds the esteemed International Feng Shui Guild's Red Ribbon status, and she is an advanced Feng Shui Real Estate & Essential Feng Shui expert. Sharyn has gone beyond the traditional Eastern approach to environmental balance by creating Sacred Symbolism - she is a noted Symbologist.

Along with her Five Element Theory teachings, she is a 9 Starr Chi Advisor, designer of Golden Harmony8 Energy Cards & the elegant Silk banners with text and art that support environmental affirmations of good fortune. She is the respected author of The Home Whisperer - Discover the Hidden Treasure of Your Inner and Outer Home. This is a compilation of her dynamic seminars and has been universally deemed user-friendly for its practicality on decoding the energy matrix for person and place. Her second book Dreaming True, August 2009, is in honor of Jay and Sharyn Hathcock's dearly departed fathers, dedicated to their families’ legacies. Sharyn's third book The Starr Children of Now - How to Successfully Parent & Teach These Brilliant Beams of Light is to be re*leased on 11/11/09.

Along with her joyful passion of being a symbolist, author, consultant, traveler, and designer, Sharyn's first heart-song is found within her forty fabulous years of marriage to her best friend, humorist, public relations manager, business partner, and the light of her life ~ husband Jay. Together they reared four precious children Jason Nathaniel, Jeremy Carlton, Ian Wells and Olivia Suzanne. Their beloved son Jason passed away in 1997, but his sweet memory forever lives on in their lives.

Jay and Sharyn are collaborating on The Book of Nathaniel - A Journey of Healing One's Heart. They also have three remarkable and beautiful daughter-in-laws, Kirsten, Amy, and Tracy, and a very talented son-in-law C. James Smith, IV. From all of these wonderful children, Jay and Sharyn are blessed with nine Hathcock grands... Shawn Lewis-18, Ryan Blake-17, Alec Jordan-13, Abigail-12, Kali-10, Gabrielle-10, Koby James-9, Gavin Cruz-3, and Ryder Wells-3 months. On February 3, 2010, Cody Jameson Smith will joyfully join this festive family. What a celebration life truly is and Sharyn is forever grateful for her many, many blessings!

Oh, yes, can you discern that her mission is to make the world an enjoyable place to BE? Since a teenager, her motto has been ~ Be Strong, Be Grateful, Be Aware, Be Love, Be Creative, Be Still, Believe and Be Inspired!

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