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Harmony, happiness and healing are experienced when our life mission and life styles are going in the same direction. This draws from our natural ability to make wise choices that delightfully evolve us into who we really are, the actions we take, and of course, to support a balance of all life experiences, it is essential to create a noble and excellent environment to work, play and live from.

9 Star Chi - The Algorithm Destiny Code

This valuable summary empowers you to stay current with all that matters in your life and for your career.


The algorithm is based on Feng Shui’s timeless five-element pattern and bagua system. Each person embodies a unique set of inner strengths and innate talents. Throughout one’s life path, exceptional skill sets waft around you continually, desiring to be called forth. Knowing the pattern-algorithm or life path cycle enables you to unfold and discover them.

This discovery creates clarity as you recognize the uniqueness of your path. Understanding these cycles enables you to flow with the river, not to push against it. Within these places lies the joyously abundant and unlimited AH.

Your exclusivity is influenced by the universal wisdom held within the elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal and how they exist and flow within your energetic pattern. The algorithm is a system derived from the yin and yang of these elements. In order to create balance in one’s life, knowing how, when and where elemental energies stream is essential.

These ancient insights provide practical keys unlocking the timeless wisdom of how to create superior good fortune, when certain successes are at their peak, and how to recognize happiness and love. These energetic keys pave a path to your destiny/mission/purpose’s enlightenment.

In addition to what I intuit, I draw from these ancient systems of elemental order. This method reveals how time and space desires to flow through your enchanted life. Inner Home-Nine Star Ki is based on your birthday, birth month, and birth year. Although it is related, it is not numerology, western astrology, or the animal system of the twelve-year cycle.

Literally translated, Bagua means eight-sided. Envision a tic-tac-toe board with its nine sections. Each of these sections is referred to as a gua. With the exception of the middle square or Gua, each of the surrounding eight Guas expresses the energy of an I Ching insight and its family posturing. They all have a numerical influence and an Element assigned to it.

Nature’s beauty and cosmic order dictates the changing of the seasons, the weather patterns, and the evolution of time itself. The Algorithm makes known your personal weather system, the pattern present within YOU. Also, the specific transformational opportunities you can anticipate.

Principal Number: This is the first of four aspects that offer wisdom into your personality. The first phase is called the Principal Number. It conveys whom you chose to show up as by revealing your overall intrinsic traits. This defines your supreme personality attributes.

Character Number: The second number is considered the Character Number. It makes known one’s inner nature, inner self, in other words, the real you. This part of you only surfaces within your tightly held family circle and extremely closest friends. This self comes forward when you are under pressure/stress and are being asked to move into new areas of growth. It is instructs you how to participate in the process of transformation.

Understanding these traits better equips you to be abundantly aware of the delicate balance of inner work and outer expansion.

Energetic Number: The third number is the Energetic Number. This is how you accomplish your work. Upon being introduced to a new person, it is the initial impression that you make. And lastly, it is how you express yourself.

It also symbolizes the challenges you have in life. Tucked underneath these trying times is the opportunity for alchemy to take place. In retrospect, the obstacles become stepping-stones and are appreciated. When you move past them, you will taste victory’s sweetness. The knowledge of how to overcome and work through any and all obstacles will be forever yours.

Natural Number: The fourth number is titled Nature’s Number. It is based on the actual day of your birth. It holds the energy of prevailing behavior attributes.

Profiles: Your Universal Algorithm shows where you are now. These messages are gratifying as they reflect how you can live in synchronicity. Coded within these lessons are keen insights of how to be free of all situations that no longer serve you, the NOW is yours. This profound healing process opens you up and connects you to the source of cosmic consciousness.

Life phases are cyclic. When you are made aware of where you are in your personal pattern, you can better flow with the streams of life and not push or pull it along. Embracing the transformations along your journey gifts you with flexibility.

I Ching Insights: per Hanna Moog and Carol Anthony, “When allowed to take its time and natural course, everything matures and completes itself in the best possible way. All of this occurs in the atomic realm, through transformation, creating a unity that endures, until its purpose is completed.”

Flower Wisdom: The language of flowers speak to our intuitive self as their graceful movements are also our graceful movements, the process of being seeded, nurtured, maturing and then blossoming are our processes too. Allow the flowers to enable you to better understand who you are.

Personal Totem: Before time began, you were given a bird or animal totem to walk with you and talk to you. Over the course of your life’s journey, you will have several… sometimes three animal or bird totems at one time that are your spiritual allies. For the asking, their medicine is yours. Knowing how these energies support you at a particular time in your life enables you to comprehend the qualities, values, and/or traits you can easily call upon for assistance.

Healing Gemstones: Gemstones have an intrinsic energetic pattern that provides remarkable support and beautiful insights. They embody specific and unique energies that are also available to you… they have too been with you before time and space began.

Life Streams: These insights reveal your highest spiritual attributes. They are keynotes to your maturation process and help identify you with your most noble self.

In summation, this analysis answers the questions Why, When, How and WHO you are!

For your Personal Algorithm Nine-Year Cycle interpretation, or for a Feng Shui Consultation, contact Sharyn Hathcock at 928-368-3266.

This detailed report answers the questions Why, When, How and WHO you are!
This valuable summary empowers you to stay current with all that matters in your life and for your career.

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Feng Shui is the art of placement in one's environment, creating abundance, balance and flow. The process generates clarity and harmony of purpose. Nothing in Creation is stagnant. Feng Shui supports the natural cycles of change.

Having a professional Feng Shui consultation done for your home or business will help to break up stuck patterns that are no longer working in your personal or professional life, bring in fresh energy and create movement to channel greater abundance and joy into your experience.

Everything that exists is made of energy and works together. The result of that collaboration is experienced in our day-to-day life. Imbalances are common, but can be corrected. Too much of anything is not good.

At a glance, Sharyn Hathcock can step into your business or home and know what needs to shift. She also knows how to create that shift by changing or adding colors and elements, and sometimes just by rearranging what's already there.

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“I contacted Sharyn Hathcock at very stressful time in my life when I wanted to move forward personally and professionally. She is highly creative and intuitive, and makes Feng Shui a simple step-wise process. I put all of her recommendations to work immediately and, within one month, started to see amazing, positive, major changes in all areas of my life, which have continued. I do not hesitate to recommend her services and her new book The Home Whisperer." ~ Karen Hanson


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